View professional biographies of prominent Cameroon celebrities, politicians, corporate and business leaders.

Limfenyuy Kongnso Cyrille

With a zeal of improving tourism and hospitality in Cameroon, I returned to Cameroon in 2010 after haven spent 4years in Germany and about 5years in Cyprus. In Germany, worked with Supra Reisen and Marketing and after some years fascinated by the offers of tourism, went to Cyprus where I studied Travel and Tourism at… read more »

Lety Endeley

 Lety Endeley holds a Bachelor of Law and Economic Sciences from the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, 10 of which she gained at the Satellite Insurance Company in Cameroon where she served in various managerial capacities and rose to head one of its branches. Prior… read more »

Viola Llewellyn

Viola Llewellyn is the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc. ( Ovamba is an award winning African “FinTech” company that creates culturally attuned technologies to serve African SMEs with innovative Sharia compliant finance products, eCommerce, and logistics services to promote growth. Ovamba’s technology gives global accredited and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in… read more »

Regina Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Regina Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh is a feminist activist, an award winning humanitarian storyteller, and blogger with over five years of experience in gender activism, policy advocacy and youth leadership. Currently, she serves as the Executive Director of Women For A Change Cameroon (WFAC) where she designs, directs and executes programs for the advancement of women… read more »

Nadege Zeshung

Zeshung Nadege has over four years of experience of practicing law in Nigeria and Cameroon. She is currently the Founder of Zeshung Law Office a firm she uses in defending and protecting victims of gender-based violence in her community as well as training women and girls to identify and break the silences surrounding domestic violence…. read more »

Rita Zaumu Chiangoe

Rita Zaumu has over six years of business experience as founder/CEO of Ndems Communication, an enterprise that provides communication solutions. With this experience and a BSc degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea-Cameroon, she has amassed skills in management, corporate communication, graphic design, photography, community development, mentorship, motivational speaking, philanthropy, and… read more »

Emmanuel Yufenyuy Fai Yengo

Emmanuel Fai Yengo is a treasury inspector with over five years’ experience in public financial management, development economics, as well as fiscal and monetary policy. Chief accountant at Cameroon’s Department of Treasury, he manages the state’s sensitive accounting operations: single accounts, oil revenue, debt, and defense expenditure. Emmanuel is fully proficient in English and French,… read more »

Charlie Batchanzi Wandji

Charlie Wandji has over 3 years of experience in social entrepreneurship. Currently, he is the co-Founder of a company called Solutionneurs, and the founder of Africa’s leading outsourcing platform.  His goal is to reduce the unemployment rate in Africa by connecting micro tasks from online and offline sources to youth in Cameroon and across the… read more »

Vumomsi Ngwefontaa Vutumu

Vumomsi Vutumu has over three years’ experience as a social entrepreneur. Her fashion brand, Vuvu, creates simple, timeless and sophisticated pieces for women. Vumomsi is a creative, innovative, and hardworking woman who defies restrictive norms and the mindset that doesn’t value successful young female entrepreneurs in fashion in her community and country. Vumomsi dreams of… read more »

Yigha Fokum Violet

Violet Yigha Fokum has over five years of experience in various fields in the community development, youth leadership and women’s empowerment. Currently, she is a Research Assistant in the International Research Development Centre in the University of Buea (IDRC-UB). Yigha Fokum Violet has been involved in several training programs in policy making, gender inclusive programs,… read more »

Epamba Comfort Tuwa

Epamba Comfort Tuwa is a passionate feminist activist, blogger and ‘Let Girls Learn’ campaigner in Cameroon. Comfort is known for advocating for the rights of girls and women in education, health and security. As director with over three years’ experience at the Center for Livelihoods and Support to Sustainable Development (CLISSD), she has helped over… read more »

Frank Leonel Tianyi Tianyi

Tianyi Tianyi Frank Leonel is a medical doctor who has spent over four years working in poverty-stricken rural areas in Cameroon. Tianyi is currently the chief medical officer in the Mayo Darlé sub-division hospital. He identified that poor health is a major obstacle to development and economic growth in the sub-division. As such, he focuses… read more »

Kyeng Mercy Tetuh

Kyeng Mercy has over three years’ experience in epidemiology and community health research. She is presently the CEO of Value Health Africa, where she focuses on initiating, coordinating, and implementing health projects for the prevention and early detection of noncommunicable diseases, specifically diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and cancer (prostate and cervical). Kyeng Mercy Tetuhvolunteers… read more »

Ethel Achoh Tebid

Ethel Tebid is a human security and community activist from Cameroon. She has over nine years’ professional experience in civil society organizations, and has written extensively on human security and good governance. As the executive director of Home of Pearls Foundation, Ethel Achoh Tebid focuses on interfaith and ethnic dialogue projects. Through this, she seeks… read more »

Michael Kimbi Tchenga Wanchi

Michael Kimbi Tchenga is a public administrator working with the Cameroon Economy Ministry. He previously served as the Administrative Officer for the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon and also served as a copy editor for leading newspapers in Cameroon. He holds a master’s in Public Health Sciences and is passionate about satisfying the common… read more »