Mathabang Fanyane

Rachel Mathabang Fanyane

Mathabang Fanyane is a journalist and Corporate Communications Specialist from Lesotho. Mathabang is currently the Cultural Affairs & Public Diplomacy Specialist for the U.S Department of State. Mathabang has a masters in  Protocol and Soft Diplomacy, a BA inCorporate Communications and Diploma in  Mass Communication.

Mathabang is also founder of  The Fashion Room which provides daily doses of chic to stylistas of color.   Since its inception, The Fashion Room has garnered a thriving Style conscious following of more than 70 000+ strong audience within the 25-35 age bracket scattered across the world, with majority audiences in South Africa, Botswana, U.S.A, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Australia, the UK and France.