Bianca Isaac

Bianca Isaac, born and raised in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban; graduated high school in 1999, heading off to University of Pretoria to study BSC: Financial Mathematics in 2000. She soon realized that her passion for storytelling needed to be voiced. She had studied drama and fine arts thought her primary and high school – so she moved to University of Witwatersrand in 2001 to study Film and Television, graduating summa cum laude 2004. In 2010 Bianca completed her Projection Management with University of Witwatersrand. 2024 see’s Bianca stepping up again to start her MBA journey in the entertainment industry, with a strong focus on films.

Bianca is an award-winning Producer, Director and Writer who has worked consistently to not only produce quality content that is proudly South African, but also to develop and grow that industry. Her Production company Figjam Entertainment is a black female owned business; focusing on high-end feature films with a strong female presence on screen and behind the scenes; while providing an array of services within the film industry: script development, production services and skills developments. Bianca’s philanthropic attributes extend to her work ethic as she strives not only to succeed in her personal capacity but also to empower other young individuals and women to make their mark in the film industry. When creating a film, Bianca ensures that her team is 80% non-shote staffed, proving once again that there are skilled black film makers. In addition, she places great value in women and youth.

As an industry professional, Bianca chooses to create time to give back by developing industry. Her work in KZN, together with the Kwa-Zulu Natal Film Commission, has been instrumental in developing the film industry through job creation, training programmes and supervising projects for 1st time film makers. Her students have continued to become Producers and Directors themselves. Her work does not go unnoticed as has continues to open doors for non-white females and businesses in the film industry.

Bianca currently sits on the board of the IBFC (Independent Black Filmmakers Collective) was established as collaborative business-to-business networking and advocacy group, comprised of wholly black-owned South African film and television companies, independent filmmakers, content creators, film, television and commercials directors and producers, marketers, exhibitors, distributors, media and entertainment facility owners, services industrialists and entrepreneurs.

Feature Films:

1. The Honeymoon 2023 (Writer, Director, Producer) – Film released 31 March 2023 in cinemas nationwide and will be streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime from 16 June 2023

Awards: Best Narrative Winner 2023 Pan African Film Festival (California);

Worldwide Screenings 2023: New African Cinema (AFI – Washington); Roxbury International Festival (Boston); Screening at Essence festival (New Orleans); Renaissance Black Film Festival (New York); SAFF 2023 in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) and New Zealand; Madrid International coming up later this year

2. 3 Days To Go 2019 (Writer, Director, Producer)

Awards and Screenings: 2020 Melbourne Indie Film Festival: Winner Best Director, Best Comedy; 2019: Global India Film Festival: Winner Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Actress)

1. Time and Tide 2020 (Executive Producer)

2. The Jakes Are Missing (2015 Producer)

3. Kings of Mulberry (2018 Producer)

4. Comatose (2017 Producer)

5. Boshego 2017 (Executive Producer)

6. Setepo 2017 (Executive Producer)

7. Inexba-The Wound (2016 Co-Producer) [Inxeba received 19 awards at 44 festivals worldwide (including Sundance, Berlinale, Venice, received 8 South African Film and Television Awards, including Best Actor, Director, Best Film; and was short-listed for the Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category]

8. Getroud Met Rugby (2010-Producer)


1. Umlilo: 13-part drama Series 2014-2015 (Producer)

Awards: Winner South African Film and Television Awards – Best Drama Series, Best Script, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography

2. Swartwater 26-part drama series 2013-2014 (Producer)

Awards: Winner South African Film and Television Awards – Best Drama Series, Best Directing Team, Best Actor, Best Production Design, Best Sound Design

3. Getroud Met Rugby Series 2008 – 2011 (Producer)

4. Kruispad 13 Episodes drama series 2008 (Producer)

Awards: ATKV Best Drama Series, Best Director, Best Writer, Best Actress, Best Actor

5. Rise 2014 (Producer)

Awards: Winner South African Film and Television Awards – Best TV Movie, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Wardrobe, Best Make-up)

Training Programmes:

1. TV Movie for 1st time filmmakers: Blind Eye 2020 (Supervising Producer)

2. TV Movie for 1st time filmmakers: End Game 2020 (Supervising Producer)

3. TV Movie for 1st time filmmakers: OTP 2020 (Supervising Producer)

4. KZNFC, FITI Development Programme (2019-2021): a bridging programme by the Kwa-Zulu Natal film commission for students who want real work experience before entering the workspace. Key role: Supervising Producer, Producing Master Classes

5. KZNFC and Economic Development EDTEA Film and TV Business Incubator: This programme focused on 10 start-up, youth businesses in the Film industry. Ket role: Programme Supervisor and Producer Mentorship

6. Impucuzeko Skills and Development (2012): a bridging programme by the Kwa-Zulu Natal film commission for students who want real work experience before entering the workspace. Key role: Supervising Producer, Producing Master Classes

Bianca has a unique way of bringing women to the foreground in front of the camera and behind the scenes. As many international accolades she has raked up through her professional career – Bianca remains committed to growing her industry, developing women and youth while telling African stories that portray women in a modern light. Showing the world that we are more than what the sad news reports about us.

Many film makers would not have been where they are today or kickstarted their businesses if Bianca was not part of that journey. And she continues to mentor them as they soar to heights in their professional space.

With all her experience, Bianca remains generous and down to earth – she believes, her journey into growing the film industry is only starting.