Safiyya Akoojee

Safiyya, is an admitted Attorney, practicing with Thomson Wilks Inc. since 2009. Her practice incorporates foreign direct investment transactions, encompassing cross border negotiations, including commercial and corporate law matters, both litigious and non-litigious matters, international trade and offshore agreements, company formation specialty and offshore company strategy.

She heads the international role for Thomson Wilks Inc. and is focused on Middle East strategy & legal consulting. She is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she advises international clients on entering the African continent, and secures foreign direct investments, providing a complete suite of services for an efficient transition to trading in Africa.

She speaks regularly at conferences on international investments, the international environment in creating business opportunities, whilst overcoming cross border, and governmental challenges, in an ever-increasing multicultural society.

Safiyya holds legal counsel and executive positions, at various companies and at advisory firms in the UAE. She has been appointed to directorship at national FMCG & private companies, she holds executive positions at family offices advising on a vast array of legal transactions including strategy for family succession.

She has also served at the South African Business Council, Dubai U.A.E as President of the Council and represented South Africa in procuring foreign direct