Suren Rampasadh

Suren Rampasadh is the current commander in chief of South Africa’s premier sportsbook, Hollywoodbets. Aside from offering the country with an award winning sports betting platform, Hollywoodbets puts plenty of focus on its Corporate Social Investment, making them a company that many others follow when it comes to giving back to the community, a facet that Rampasadh has put at the forefront of his company. 

The story of Hollywoodbets is a rather interesting one, as the company is the product of a small, niched horse racing affiliate that started in the 80s. Winning Form is a South African horse racing card distribution service that began its operations in 1986, fourteen years prior to the establishment of Hollywoodbets. 

Winning Form understood that there was plenty more opportunity within the sports industry to make their mark, and in 2000, they launched Hollywoodbets, a premier sportsbook with a strong focus on Horse Racing, that prioritised South African punters. 

Over the years, Hollywoodbets has grown from a fledgling sportsbook, to a countrywide betting community. As a website, Hollywoodbets rivals the likes of Google and Facebook when it comes to website popularity, as the website receives so much search volume and traffic across the various search engines it is located. 

Part of the reason for this is also due to their strong brick and mortar presence, as the company has a staggering 81 betting shops located across the country. If you’re driving through a town or city in South Africa, you are bound to see a Hollywoodbets outlet on your travels. 

It’s clear that Suren Rampasadh is big on community. Not only giving back to the communities that house his company’s outlets, but creating little microcosms of gatherings within his betting shops. Each Hollywoodbets outlet is fitted with a restaurant that is known for its award winning curries. 

If you’re taking into account the passion South Africans have for sport, and sports betting, then you’ll be aware that creating a sports bar-esque atmosphere in each of your outlets is an absolute masterstroke in the pursuit of establishing the country’s leading sportsbook. People therefore flock to Hollywoodbets in their droves not only to place their bets, but further to enjoy great food, drinks, and the company of like-minded folks. 

Aside from the incredible work Rampasadh has overseen in establishing an unrivalled betting community, the company’s online sportsbook is also worth mentioning in more detail. While it has already been mentioned that Hollywoodbets ranks highly from a popularity point of view, the site also ranks incredibly well from a quality point of view

In March 2019, Hollywoodbets received arguably one of their most impressive accolades yet. While the establishment up to this point had won a number of awards related to the curries they offered, it was at this time that they won a huge iGaming award that launched them into the conversation of being one of the best betting sites on the planet. 

They ranked number 8 on the list of Top 50 Gaming Websites Worldwide by industry leading information portal iGaming Business Magazine. Considering that Hollywoodbets were ranking number 8 in the world and going up against iGaming giants like Bet365 and Betway shows just how big of an achievement this is. 

Suren Rampasadh is a leading businessman in South Africa. His exploits have led Hollywoodbets to become one of the model organisations from a number of perspectives in our country. Everything from a business strategy perspective, to a community outreach one, there are few others to achieve, and give, as much as Rampasadh.