Kealeboga Lebo Pule

Kealeboga Lebo Pule

Kealeboga Lebo Pule, founder of Nungu Diamonds was born and raised in the North West in a small village called Ikopeleng. He kick started, his inevitable journey in the diamonds industry. In 2013, prior to incorporating Nungu Diamonds, Kealeboga was trained in rough diamond polishing, valuation and pricing by South African Diamond Corporation (SAFDICO) a De Beers Sightholder.

Kealeboga went on to serve in the executive committee of the South African Diamond Manufacturers Association and co-founded the South African Young Diamond Beneficiators Guild; he currently serves as its Vice President. He has also served in other capacities in the industry including in the steering committee of the South African Diamond Indaba and as a founding member of the International Young Diamantaires.

It was no surprise when Kealeboga, ventured into starting his very own diamond company. With great esteem, drive and passion, Nungu diamonds took flight and in 2016 became one of the five diamond companies selected to be part of the De Beers Diamond Beneficiation Project launched in July of 2016.

Kealeboga believes in integrity and it is the cornerstone on which Nungu Diamonds has built itself into a supplier-of-choice for each one of its’ clients, seeking an authentic diamond experience. With Provenance, Substance and Authenticity as the core value drivers, every Nungu Diamond sold provides answer to the why behind the purchase. 

The aim of Nungu Diamonds is to provide a unique offering to private clients looking for a bespoke diamond experience; which includes choosing from a range of some of South Africa’s finest polished diamonds and creating one-of-kind diamond jewellery items to the client’s individual design specification.

“We make every diamond purchase an unforgettable one. To wear a Nungu Diamond is a form of self-expression, we go beyond the sparkle!” says founder. Kealeboga.

About Nungu Diamonds

Nungu Diamonds (Pty) Ltd is a licensed South African natural diamond manufacturer, private polished diamond retailer and bespoke diamond jewelry brand. We provide a wide range of polished diamonds to private clients looking for a bespoke diamond experience.

All our diamonds are sourced from reputable diamond mining companies and rough diamond suppliers including De Beers, Petra Diamonds, Alexkor and the State Diamond Trader.

Nungu Diamonds cuts and polishes rough diamonds using the world’s most advanced diamond manufacturing technology to produce world class quality polished diamonds sourced and manufactured in South Africa. We pride ourselves in supplying polished diamonds and bespoke diamond jewelry that is proudly South African.