Tshepi Seakamela

Tshepi Seakamela

This month 5FM welcomed a brand-new on-air presenter, Tshepi Seakamela. Originally from a small town in the Free State, Tshepi is a BSc Chemical Science graduate who is currently studying BSc Biotechnology part time at Unisa. She earned her stripes at campus radio TuksFM, in 2018, on a graveyard slot before progressing to other shows, which earned her three radio awards nominations. You can catch Tshepi on Saturdays and Sundays on Weekend Early Mornings on 5 from 04:00 – 06:00. 

Tell us a little about yourself? 

TSHEPI: “I was born in the Free State, went to school in Pretoria and studied at University of the Western Cape. When I’m not on air, I am a club DJ specialising in Amapiano, House and new age music and I MC events. I’m also a Sagittarius – and we are wild, a bit crazy but we have big hearts.”

You’ve been at 5FM for a couple weeks now, tell us how you feel about joining the station? 

TSHEPI: “It has been quite a rollercoaster of emotions. I mean this in the best way possible. I have cried, laughed, felt overwhelmed and in the same breath lost my mind when hearing my name in the imaging for the first time on air. Waking up to do what I love at one of my dream stations is incredible. The love from each and every person from the 5FM family has been amazing. Everyone has been so helpful and kind to me. With regards to the show, I am starting to settle in and it’s surely starting to feel like home. The spaceship can be quite intimidating, but I have to say at this point I think I am flying it quite well, LOL! The support and love from my family, friends and listeners has also made this such a lovely journey.”

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on air? 

 TSHEPI: “I enjoy dancing so much. I have a couple of videos of myself dancing. I am perfecting my DJ’ing skill and want to venture into that more, full-time pretty soon. I also love MC’ing and hosting various events. I do voice over work as well which I am starting to enjoy more lately. I am quite the explorer so going out and doing something fun and exciting when I am off. Definitely spending time with my family.”  

What kind of music are you into and if there was any new artist you could plug, who would that be and why? 

TSHEPI: “I am a huge fan of Amapiano. But in general, I love house music, R&B and Hip Hop. I know a lot of people get annoyed with the fact that I still prefer R&B and Hip Hop from 2006 – 2011. You will hear quite a lot of Gospel music on my phone or in my car as well. With regards to an artist you must listen to – they’re not new but still on the come up. I would say Omi Kobi as well as Mary Jane. Two beautiful ladies that have AMAZING voices and I cannot wait for the world to hear them. They already have some music out.”

What, if any, was your most embarrassing on-air moment? 

TSHEPI: “I’ve come to learn that what I’ve always seen as my most embarrassing moments are me just having fun and being human. But the most embarrassing moment was when I started laughing half-way through my live read because I read the same paragraph twice by mistake and I couldn’t pull it together. I went straight into music and didn’t finish the live read.”