Betting on Esports – a South Africa Hit

There’s no question that the Esports industry has enjoyed a not-so-silent revolution in the past decade. The rise of competitive matches and multi-million tournaments and events have made it a giant industry. Along with its growth, Esports betting has grown too, with many Mzansi bookies now offering a variety of Esports markets.

Betting on Esports in South Africa is perfectly legit. Thanks to that, a number of excellent betting sites have entered the market. Some of the biggest names that offer Esports online betting include Betway where you can find excellent Esports coverage of all the majors. South Africa Esports betting sites allow you to bet on fixed and live odds, with the latter being of huge interest for Mzansi punters.

Read this guide below and learn why Esports is such a huge hit in South Africa.

Increasing Number of SA Esports Teams

One of the main reasons why Esports betting has become dominant in Africa is the fact that there’s been an influx of Esports teams from the country. CS:GO is currently the most popular Esports game in the country, with over 10 teams participating in CS:GO tournaments. The most successful team so far in terms of rewards has been Bravado Gaming, with Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek being the most successful player.

The biggest Mzansi Esports team of them all is surely ATK. It was established in 2017, and in just a short time, it became the leading pro Esports organization that represents the best talents from the country. ATK’s own CS:GO team has been hugely successful and is one of the driving forces behind the increased popularity of Esports betting in South Africa.

These guys and many others are an inspiration for young players, which eventually grows the industry further. As South African teams enter more tournaments and win their matches, the interest in Mzansi Esports betting will grow. With the online betting market in South Africa properly regulated, an influx of new bookmakers is expected. More bookmakers mean more markets and better odds, eventually making the Esports betting industry even better.

How to Choose the Best Esports Betting Sites in South Africa

The first thing you need to do in order to bet on Esports in Africa is to find a trusted bookie. There’s heavy competition on the market in 2021, and not all betting sites are equal or offer Esports markets. The biggest one will definitely have the sport on their list, so it’s best to choose respected names.

The jurisdiction in South Africa is pretty different than the rest of the world. Unlike other countries, South Africa’s National Gambling Board has legal mechanisms that can target players betting at illegal sites. That’s why it’s important to choose a bookie you can trust, which should also tick many other boxes.

A good South African betting site in 2021 will have a nearly endless list of Esports betting markets. It should have plenty of free bets and betting bonuses too, so you can play with extra funds that don’t come straight from your own pocket. Of course, it makes sense to check the terms and conditions first, since you’ll be looking for a fair bonus with terms you can easily complete.

The best Esports betting sites will have a user-friendly interface that looks and feels great on desktop and mobile devices. It shouldn’t be complicated at all – punters should be able to find their favorite markets in a few clicks.

Customer support is also important no matter what others say. As a new punter, you may have lots of questions, and it’s best to have a competent team provide quick answers.